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Start burning in the stars || a doctor/rose fanfic; chapter two

Title: Start burning in the stars
Author: hypnotized_moon 
Character/Pairing: Ten II/Rose, Eleven/Rose, Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Summary: After regenerating into Eleven, he doesn’t pop in Amy’s garden, but instead in the parallel universe – much to everyone’s dismay.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any character related to it.
Author's Notes: This is chapter 2, hope you’ll like it! :) You can find the first one here.

Rose stepped out of the TARDIS. It was Christmas night, good old London. Snow was falling from the sky. Rose’s favourite holiday had been Christmas since they encountered the Sycorax all those years ago. She could never forget how happy she was that the regenerated Doctor still was her Doctor and he still wanted her by his side. The memory of them holding hands made her smile.

The Doctor stayed behind, inside of the machine. Rose looked back and said, “Doctor, look, I know you hate these family meetings, but oh please! It’s Christmas! You can’t miss this one,” she winked at him playfully, her tongue between her teeth.

“I won’t be late, I promise. I just have to check something before I meet your most extraordinary mother again.” Rose laughed at him for this. She knew how the Doctor felt about his mother. Some things never change, she thought happily.

He kissed Rose on the forehead and smiled as she was running away. Although it now had been more than 3 years that they were having this lifelong adventure together, he sometimes still couldn’t believe it. He woke up everyday next to Rose, and for him, this was the most satisfying thing in the whole universe. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t a full Time Lord anymore because now he had the thing he had always wanted the best.

The one adventure I can never have. He remembered saying those words and that was the most aching this he had ever said. But now it was all his until the rest of his life and he was very grateful for it.

He closed the doors of the TARDIS and slowly went back to the controller, and started to examine it, when he first heard it. His hand stopped in the air.

“It can’t be,” he murmured to himself with a growing ache in his stomach. But the sound trailed away, and nothing happened. The Doctor started to think that he just only imagined it, so he got back to work.

Half an hour later, when he finished fixing the TARDIS, he stepped out of it, to follow Rose inside of her mother’s flat, when he heard the sound again. He was now sure that his mind didn’t fool around. He stood there, looking at the way from where it came, and after a few moments of nervous waiting, another TARDIS slowly materialised in front of him.


“Ah! I wonder where my lovely lady has brought me this time,” mumbled the Doctor as he marched towards the door. He didn’t want to spoil the surprise, so he didn’t look at the controller to find out where he was. He now found everything really gripping, and he wondered whether he now was always going to be this excited when he was about to explore new things.

One of his legs was outside of the TARDIS, when he saw himself, the other him, his previous incarnation, standing in front of him, with the biggest astonishment on his face. He was quite sure his face showed the same as he felt his jaw dropping, leaving his mouth open.

“Uh... hello!” After a few seconds of weird silence, Eleven greeted Ten, however, he didn’t seem so keen about it; in fact, for a moment he looked like he was slapped in the face.

“What are you doing here?” Ten just stared at him. “I mean... blimey! How did you get here? I thought the walls between universes had closed down once and for all.”

Eleven seemed disturbed. When he saw Ten, he thought he maybe went back in time, but he knew it was impossible. He couldn’t change his own storyline... he just now wished he was able to do it, because the parallel universe was the last place he wanted to be right now. And yet, he would have given everything, if their places were swapped.

“I don’t know, to be quite honest. The TARDIS has broken down completely during the regeneration. I left the Earth before it happened but I had no idea that I would end up... here!” He looked nervously around, searching for a place to hide, now that the TARDIS was unable to fulfil its task.

“Well, that’s interesting, I wonder...” Now Ten was more excited about the situation. He felt his old Time Lord self waking up from a really deep sleep, but suddenly, he heard someone calling him.

“Doctor! Doctor, where are you? Mum says you’re going to be the main dish if you don’t come right now!” Rose also sounded excited and a bit weird in the same time. Holidays with her family weren’t easy things, and she knew it too. She didn’t like the way their parents sometimes treated him, but the little Tony seemed to be really fond of him.

The voice of Rose made Eleven tremble. He became even more nervous. He didn’t even take one look in the mirror, he had no idea how he looked now. And he saw her an hour ago, in 2005. He wasn’t ready to see her again, in her present. He thought he would never ever see her again in his life. Emotions were running through him fast, and oh, how they hurt! He thought he was going to explode because of the hidden feelings that were burning up in him.

What is she going to say to me? Would she know who I am? As this thought passed his mind, Eleven felt like an idiot. Of course she will know who I am... she’s Rose Tyler. The brilliant Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth. He smiled a bit at this memory, but it immediately became a frown. How many more times am I going to lose her?

Ten turned around as Rose approached them. She saw the TARDIS first, but not Eleven, because he was standing behind Ten, who was taller than him.

“Doctor... what’s the TARDIS doing here, when it’s down there?” Rose became really anxious and worried. She needed to take just one look at Ten to know the situation was more complicated and serious than she thought it would be. And she nearly fainted when Ten stepped aside, and Eleven came out of his shadow, with a weak and shy smile on his face.

He didn’t need to say who he was. There was a look of terror in Rose’s eyes as she gripped Ten’s arm. She wasn’t able to speak and she couldn’t take her eyes off of Eleven.

The Doctor, the new Doctor, stood in front of her, once again, after she thought they would never see each other again. After he left her in the parallel universe for the second time. After he literally gave himself to her. She felt a teardrop streaming down on her face. This was all she could bare; everything had gone black.
Tags: other: fanfiction, ship: eleven/rose, ship: ten ii/rose, ship: ten/rose, tv series: doctor who
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