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Start burning in the stars || a doctor/rose fanfic

Title: Start burning in the stars
Author: hypnotized_moon 
Character/Pairing: Ten II/Rose, Eleven/Rose, Ten/Rose
Rating: G
Summary: After regenerating into Eleven, he doesn’t pop up in Amy’s garden, but instead in the parallel universe – much to everyone’s dismay.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any character related to it.
Author's Notes: I don’t know where and when this story’s going to end, it just came into my mind, and started writing it. We’ll see. Also, this is my first Doctor Who story, and please, if you find any grammar mistakes in it, let me know. :)

Adventures and dangers could be found in the parallel universe as well. The Doctor and Rose had been living in the TARDIS for 3 years now, after the Doctor managed to build it from the chunk the “original” Doctor gave them. They hadn’t been able to live a „normal life”. After everything they experienced together, living a “normal life” wasn’t enough, but they weren’t complaining. They lived for each other and adventures. They were having the time of their lives, finally together again. Forever. In the parallel universe, in their world, everything seemed to be shiny and new. Every day, there was a new possibility to explore.

One day, after they encountered the peaceful people of Mombaine, where the grass was yellow and even the animals could speak, they were about to get back to London, in order to check on the Tyler family.

They weren’t too far from their destination, when Rose saw that the Doctor closed his eyes and trembled. He stayed like that for a couple of minutes in which Rose was eager to know what had happened to him, because she knew this was everything but ordinary.

Rose saw the Doctor opened his mouth and said something, but it was only a whisper, and she didn’t understand anything of it.

“What did you say, Doctor?” she asked.

“Rose,” his voice sounded far away, distant, like he wasn’t there. “He’s gone.”

“Who’s gone? What’re you talking about?” Rose started to become nervous. She had a weird feeling, but she couldn’t express it. However, she realised she didn’t need the name. The Doctor saw in her eyes that she understood who he was talking about.

He went next to her and took her hands in his.

“He’s changed... regenerated once again. I felt him going.”

When Rose looked at the Doctor, he seemed to be tired and way too old, like he just went through something really bad. “Are you all right?” She feared that the regeneration process was going to affect him somehow.

“Yeah, I’m fine...” He went silent for a minute. “It was just odd, you know, I’ve never felt anything like this.” He smiled weakly at her. “I wonder how I... he looks now.”

As he said I first instead of he, Rose froze. The Doctor saw this and asked, “Rose, what’s wrong?”

“Do you... do you miss regenerating?” She looked like she was afraid of the answer, and deep down in her heart she knew she was terrified of what she could her. They had talked a lot about this, but sometimes, it still hurt a bit. She couldn’t even look at him, so the Doctor slowly and gently lift her face up, so now they were staring into each others’ eyes.

“No.” One word, one simple world, but right now it meant everything to her, because it wasn’t just a simple word. She knew he wasn’t lying, she heard it in his voice, and it made her calm again. As saying thanks, she hugged him tightly, and the Doctor was smiling into her hair.

“He visited me before he regenerated,” she murmured to his chest. This made the Doctor surprised.

“What? How do you know that?” He looked at her curiously.

“After you regenerated, and you were resting, I recognised you,” The Doctor didn’t quite understand this, because he was sure Rose knew that he was the same the Doctor after he regenerated, and Rose saw this, so she continued. “I mean, your face was so familiar, and at first I didn’t know why.” She seemed to be lost in her memories, her eyes were softening. The Doctor nudged her, because he was eager to know every little detail about this particular event.

“So, after a few hours of thinking, the answer became crystal clear. I thought I first met you in 2005, when you saved me from the Autons. But that’s not true.”

“No?” The Doctor couldn’t hide his dismay. He was shocked, and kind of hurt, because Rose had never mentioned this to him, and he began to wonder why.

“No,” she smiled sheepishly. “Well, you did meet me for the first time when you rescued me, but I first met you a few months earlier, on New Year’s Eve. At first I thought you were drunk, but you seemed to be kind and you said some nice things.” Rose felt her eyes became moist.

“Like what?” The Doctor thought Rose was teasing him with all these pauses she made.

“When you heard it was 2005, you told me I was going to have a really great year.” Rose flashed that gorgeous smile at him which he loved so much, and he felt his heart was filling with joy. He knew the other Doctor would never forget Rose (how could he?), but it was still good to know that he wanted to see her again one last time. And he saw the same thought appearing on Rose’s face. As he bent down and kissed her gently, he felt her teardrops streaming down on his neck.


“I don’t want to go!”

These were the last words the Doctor said in his tenth incarnation. He saw it had begun; he had only a couple of minutes left.

The song of the Oods came through the walls of the TARDIS, and he closed his eyes. He had never felt this sad while listening to this song. Memories of his time in this form flew in front of his eyes, but he saw only Rose, his precious and dearest Rose. He was grateful that he was able to see and speak to her one last time before he became a new man. Rose witnessed his previous regeneration, and now he was all alone.

As this thought passed through his mind, the process was completed. There was a big explosion, and the TARDIS was on fire, the windows broke and so did some of the pillars.

The Doctor started to examine his body parts with a growing excitement in his heart. He was always agog when the process was finished. Now he was shiny and new, and he wanted to find out everything, how he looked like, how his voice sounded, what new personality traits he gained and possessed now.

He first looked at and touched his limbs. “Legs. I’ve still got legs, good.” He kissed his thigh. He went up, just to find his upper limbs. “Arms. Hands. Oh, fingers, lots of fingers!” He was genuinely excited to see them, he then touched his head. “Ears, yes. Eyes, two. Nose... I’ve had worse. Chin, blimey!” It was a very weird chin, not to mention his nose, but he thought he could easily get used to them. Finally, he reached the most important thing about the new him: the top of his head. “Hair... I’m a girl! No! No... I’m not a girl! And still not ginger!” His first thought about his new hair was that he liked the previous one better. And he was a bit furious that he still wasn’t ginger. He was more than 900 years old, but still, he had never been ginger! After every regeneration, he hoped that this would change, but unfortunately, his hair remained mostly brown.

Although he was murmuring about his hair, he felt that something else was going on, which he hadn’t counted yet. “And something else, something important... I’m, I’m... crashing!” He laughed heartily, enjoying his first steps in his new body.

Tags: other: fanfiction, ship: eleven/rose, ship: ten ii/rose, ship: ten/rose, tv series: doctor who
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